Sunday, March 22, 2009

Young harp seals hunting bans for Russia

Russia has barred the chasing of young harp seals in response to objections from environmentalists and animal rights campaigners.

A fractional ban on destroying seal cubs till they twist one month aged has been enlarged to defend seals under the year. Until now Russia permitted a six-week casement in March-April to hunt for feathery young seals. Seals inhabitants in Russia’s White Sea area in the Arctic has dropped by a third in the precedent decade to regarding 2,00,000 as defrosting Arctic frost shrinks their propagation grounds and hunting takes its toll, the N R Ministry said. Defenseless young seals aimed for their extremely prized snow-white hair are just clubbed to loss by the thousand each spring. “This is a bloody trade and it’s obvious that it requires to be blocked”.

The bad business also increases in Denmark, Namibia, Norway and Canada.


  1. Gory is not the word. It is outright murder. These animals are Gods creatures and are harmless.
    They should use such tactics on humans and maybe humans would begin to behave as harmlessly as seals.
    It is shameful to say the least!

  2. so cute..
    but I aggre with DorothyL said..