Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bollywood Star Mandira Bedi on IPL II Now

Cricket lover Mandira Bedi is come backing to cricket now. She would be seen hosting Sony SetMax's hot cricket demonstrates Redundant Innings during the DLF IPL second edition.

"Cricket has been a turn repair in my vivification before I entered cricket grouping knew me as 'Shanti' and things but now they now me as Mandira," says TV legion and director Mandira Bedi.

"My film was red deed box endmost period, but now its actress and yes it's a new commencement and it's a new visage," she adds.

Mandira provided the eye-candy on Max's originally editions of Unnecessary Innings but this dimension articulates the Mandira Bedi with somebody thickened rivalry from IPL's Entertainer girls as well.

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