Monday, June 29, 2009

Mj the #1

MJ`s preeminent hits album "Signaling Ones" became Kingdom's top-selling medium this hebdomad, after his modification on Thursday spurred welfare in his bet separate, lifting cardinal albums into the top 20.

Kingdom's Lawyer Charts Consort said "Enumerate Ones" shot up to the top mar from 121st high hebdomad, knocking electronica-infused sway meet Kasabian's "West Ryder Pauper Madman Asylum" into agreement space.

Politician's albums "Thriller", "Vocaliser of Pop", "Off the Fence" and "The Substantial" also re-entered the top 20.

The author fared slightly lower recovered in the singles charts, where "Man in the Mirror" was his maximal content at symbol 11, tho' "Thriller", "Billie Trousers", "Repand Illegal", "Thump It" and "World Strain" also entered the top 40.

In totality Vocaliser's penalization accounted for many than 300,000 medium and undivided sales in the space of just two life.

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