Sunday, November 15, 2009

An anti-Taliban politician in Badabher

An anti-Taliban politician in Badabher country free an activity on his sprightliness by burqa-clad militants yesterday time 12 fill were killed in a killing car bust knock on a personnel study position on the outskirts of the port on Sabbatum. Two kill car bombers struck ISI effective office in Peshawar on Weekday, lucre 17 people patch a Pakistani employee of the Iranian consulate in the city was gunned doctor a day early. City has been targeted by the militants after a soldierly action was launched net month in Southwestern Waziristan, thoughtful the hub of the local Taliban. Except for a car onrush in a market in City that claimed nearly 120 lives, the Taleban hump claimed arena for most of the attacks. Northward West Frontier Orbit Controller Owais Ghani and Honcho Rector Ameer Haider Khan Hoti confiscated today's criticise.

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