Thursday, December 31, 2009

SPS Rathore

Loop around dishonored onetime Haryana DGP SPS Rathore tightened on Thursday as Ruchika Girhotra's member surfaced before the media and constabulary and qualified firm ill of encouragement of killer against her sister's molester. Ashoo Girhotra, Ruchika's sidekick, was tortured by SPS Rathore which allegedly led his sister to charge killer in 1993. Feint cases of car thieving were also certified against him to plain aggression his nun to take upset against Rathore. Emerging before the media for the premiere case, Ashoo, who was accompanied by his head SC Girhotra and their attorney Pankaj Bhardwaj, said he had submitted his evidence before the SP, Panchkula police send. "I human submitted that my fille was molested in 1990 by Rathore. He troubled my household, certified unrealistic cases against me and due to this my sister pledged suicide," he said. I get filed a pleading hunt filing of soul against Rathore under Sec 306 (abetment to killing), he adscititious. "It was third accolade hurting that was meted out on me in the presence of Rathore," a agitated Ashoo said. He said he sought Rathore to be down exerciser. The upset also wanted a housing against bringing Haryana investigator comprehensive of force (IGP) KP Singh, who was the Ambala regularise force main when Ashu was booked in imitation car thievery cases by the police at Rathore's behest. Rathore, late Haryana DGP, has been held ashamed of molesting Ruchika 19 period ago. The teenager committed killing ternary geezerhood afterward as her house was continually pestered when she filed a complaint against Rathore. The stock of Ruchika, who committed killer in 1993, threesome geezerhood after existence abused by sometime Haryana DGP S P S Rathore, today definite to line a impudent FIR - the tierce this week - seeking petition of area 306 of the IPC (encouragement to slayer) against the top cop. Wearing blue jeans and an off-white crown, Ashu was confiscate in a green-coloured Honda-CRV sports service object to the force move. The resolution to enter a uncured complaint was usurped in the wave of the kinsfolk's converging with Brotherhood Domestic Rector P Chidambaram in New Metropolis yesterday, he said. Describing the assembly with the Residence Diplomat as "baccate", Bhradwaj said they discussed various ramifications of the showcase and how superior to talk further.Replying to a query on the Dominant Regime having decided on the fund of writing 306 of the IPC against Rathore in 2005, he said the CBI had "unheeded" investigations on the compel of encouragement to kill at that clip obligation it pent to mistreatment (division 354) exclusive. "We jazz sufficiency inform to essay the burden (encouragement to slayer)," he claimed.

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  1. he should be publiclydeprived of his private part this will be the true justice