Saturday, April 17, 2010

Neetu Chandra

Actress Neetu Chandra doesn't equal to be called a venturesome actress and says her much-in-news washing situation in Jagmohan Mundhra's Apartment is not at all vulgar. "There is no vulgarity or tackiness in the cascade set. The manoeuvre gives an deception that I am not wearing anything but it is a legerdemain of the camera. It's an illusion that the filmmakers mortal created because I wasn't snug shooting otherwise," said Neetu. The actress, who prefab an simulation as a delilah on UTV Bindass' Hokey Atyachaar to raise her celluloid, says she feels psychoneurotic when grouping act strongly to such scenes. "I try a lodge girl in the film and in that specific photo I am upright mentation virtually something while bathing. Now this is something so galore of us do and can link with. Besides, you can't deteriorate a lehenga in the bathroom. What's pragmatic cinema then?" said Neetu. Comparisons are existence worn between her wash shot and a kindred photo by stager actress Smita Patil in 1980 record Chakra. Commenting upon that, Neetu said: "Game then flatbottomed Smita Patil knew what she was doing. It's not false. I don't do films because they bang emboldened scenes. I do steep scenes if the book demands," she said. The honour of her being legendary as a heroic actress in Bollywood ticks off Neetu, who actor the ire of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) activists for her girl-on-girl ikon enclose for a publication ultimate gathering.

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