Thursday, April 21, 2011

BRS Labs

Security is must in all the companies, business concerns, shops, homes etc. Nowadays technology has improved so much that there are video cameras all over the places in order to check for any thefts, mishaps, violence, kidnaps etc. BRS Labs is much more advanced that it functions itself automatically identifying abnormal behavior within the field of view of a surveillance camera. It imitates the human brains and applies these processes. It is very effective than other cameras. It observes all the happenings, remembers the activity patterns. BRS Labs also adjusts to changes in the environments without any manual interaction. Therefore one can very well rely on BRS Labs. It is very much surprising that this has won best video analytic award. BRS Labs say that its behavioral analytics are different from other video analytics. Therefore due to its high intelligence, it is capable of recognizing abnormal behavior from normal behavior. This is a real threat to the burglars and terrorists.

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