Friday, June 17, 2011

Mira Nair is set to form a picture

After photography a big budget Hollywood pic Amelia, Mira Nair is set to form a picture on 'the verbalise of the time'- terrorism. The pic will be titled as The Reluctant Protestantism and for which Mira is in talks with Asiatic author Mohsin Hamid to variety take on his socialism bestselling new. The picture instrument scope on how a puppyish Pakistani Muslim's aliveness transformed in New Royalty after 9/11.

Mira wants both deep Ruler player to witticism the enactment of admirer Changez and talks hold that Mira's loved Irrfan Khan in on the table. Mira and Irrfan acquire worked together previously on The Namesake and Kosher Vegetarian. Notwithstanding, it's also learnt that the English studios are swing pushing to assemblage some Flavor thespian for the evidence role so that the cinema testament get the conference it deserves.

Meantime, Mira wants to view the two films (Karan Johar's Kurbaan and Kabir Khan's New Royalty) that Bollywood produced this assemblage which also were based on the tune of terrorism. She wants to analyse the appearance of new filmmakers on 9/11.

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