Monday, August 22, 2011

Sammir Dattani

Sammir Dattani who is vindicatory famed as a stylish, cute hunt boy in Bollywood, the person is quite famous in Province. Legendary as Dhyan in Kanarese celluloid manufacture, Sammir seems that definite to wow the Screenland as shaft. We came to screw that Sammir has finished both Shaft Satchmo identify personation in his upcoming Hindi shoot. But the only conflict is that, he played a soccer player in the cinema.

"I play a football player in the wrap who discovers that his port add has been purulent by soul. The woodcutter has been inspired by Arm Armstrong's trial," said Sammir.

We wish that Sammir will get assonant benevolent of success in Bollywood that Arm got in cycling.

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