Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carmen Electra

After Akshay Kymar, it's Kareena Kapoor which give be seen dancing with Denizen entertainer Carmen Electra in the Kambakht Ishq music recording.

A shaper finis to film's object said, "Akshay Kumar has already done a penalty recording with an foreign entertainer (Spy Dog for Singh is Kingg). Meanwhile Kareena has struck gilded with component songs. So it was felt that she should be in the penalisation video to add a large brightness to Carmen Electra's real costly euphony recording, to be attempt in Bombay from Feb 10."

Meantime Kareena has confirmed the program, who is currently actuation in City for Karan Johar's show. But she didn't dispense many information, as she says, "Yes, it's confessedly that I'll be there in the euphony recording with Carmen Electra and Akshay. Since I wit a part-time form in the wrapping, recreation would be quite in lineament."

For the medium, Kareena had also done a superior activity photo with Sylvester Stallone. She says, "Upright act and ticker what all I've through in Kambakht Ishq. I'll disgust the conference."

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