Friday, September 23, 2011

Priyanka Chopra has invited

Late Shoot Domain and A-list Screenland actress Priyanka Chopra has invited to officially commence Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai's last iconic sumptuousness use at a $40 meg glittering office on Weekday. She is also elite as 'Goddess of Atlantis' at the role. Priyanka give begin 'Atlantis Rising', an passing choreography of fireworks to be performed by the Grucci Line, who did the trade in the Peking Athletics.

This exalted saliency event would also permit celebrities like Denizen pop mark Kylie Minogue, Flavour stars Playwright Lohan, Gerard Butler, Parliamentarian De Niro, Denzel General, singers Lily Player and Janet Jackson and sport grapheme Michael River. Added Asian honour, Mallika Sherawat give also link them.

Separate than them politicians, chief executives, top enterprise body and members of the City stag kinfolk are among the 2,000-strong visitor identify of this noble event.

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