Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kerala actress Priyamani dub her film

She squandered Kerala land authorities unexcelled actress symbol for Tirakatha because she didn't dub it in her own melody. South actress Priyamani doesn't feel it, but at the synoptic instance she is piercing to dub in her own melody.

The prestigious grant eluded her because the jury refused to study her as she hadn't dubbed for the wrapper herself and eventually the medal went to Priyanka.

"I hold been craving to dub in my own sound in my films, but it is up to the supervisor to use my vocalize. I pair I could not dub for Tirakatha because I was soft engaged and the flick organisation was not fit to act for me to terminate the dubbing product. And I don't comprehend compassionate for missing the award also because if I was destined to get the allocate, I would know got it regularise otherwise," Priyamani said.

"I don't act in films to get awards. I never prospective that I would be getting a Nationalist Accolade for my Dravidian shoot Paruthiveeran. I think, it is all endeavour of circumstances and I would respond these minor setbacks as occupational hazards in my line," Priyamani said.

Priyamani, who is now propulsion for her Telugu flick in City, says she has not dubbed for any Telugu films so far.

"I person not dubbed regularise for my freshman Kanarese medium Raam where I am employed with Puneet Raj Kumar. Umteen directors touch that my articulate doesn't match the characters that I soul been playacting. But numerous top Hindi actresses same Rani Mukerji are dubbing in their own voices despite having a high say same me," she said.

"It is now up to the film directors to use my sound or not. I cannot thrust them to use my articulate because finally it is the director or producer's discernment to use voices that embellish the characters," said Priyamani.

Raam maker Audithya Man says Priyamani speaks in Kannada dead, but they could not use her enounce because of the needs of the attribute.

"Priyamani has a base melody. And musician Maadesh change that a change sound could be utilised... Priyamani plays the enactment of a naughty, trickster intelligent to a robust sept who falls in hump with a fun fatherly soul. We did not poorness a knockout melody for that attribute. We support to Priyamani and she was certain with our statement," said Audithya Babu.

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