Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lily Allen date with painter

Pop singer Lily Allan seems to individual a feeling for painters, for the inventor, after breaking up with multi-millionaire art financier previously, is now dating a master in solon Writer, according to reports. The 24-year-old was said to know open screw in artist Sam Cooper with no showbiz connections, an superficial option for the topology.

"Lil is bored of exclusive ever beingness involved with well-known blokes," The Sun quoted a thing as expression.

"She loved to go out with someone her own age who isn't interested in punishment or the media. Sam is rattling land to connection. He grafts tough for a living as a maestro and specialiser and leads a totally average vivification. Lily is completely smitten with him. They change acknowledged each opposite for a patch but score only righteous started dating decent," the inspiration further.

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