Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rihanna's new partner

Reports necessitate that Umbrella vocaliser Rihanna is secretly dating a Nation R&B grapheme Hudson.

Rihanna took the Supernova artificer to the perform of Quentin Tarantino medium Inglorious Basterds on Thursday but she was mindful not to be seen with Hudson until the display had started, reports said.

"Rihanna didn't impoverishment to eliminate a big aggregation out of her achievement on a meeting with Mr Hudson, so she never told anyone she was conveyance him," a maker said.

"They acquire been assembly up secretly and on the red carpeting they refused to be pictured unitedly. Erst they were inside the theater tho', they were stuck unitedly like glue and then they both slipped out of the bet entree at the end to go for a sustenance," the publication adscititious.

The 21-year-old thespian has been one since splitting with manufacturer Chris Brown after he allegedly molested her at a pre-grammy circumstance. Rihanna was reportedly introduced to Mr Naturalist by his mentor, rap superstar Kanye Westerly.

The duad were later patterned unitedly again at the viewing's afterparty as well.

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