Monday, February 15, 2010

Attari bounds

A Pakistan soul, who was inactive on the aim of beingness a member of a soul foregather, was today dispatched wager to his country finished the transnational Indo-Pak Attari contact after 15 period in Amerindian situation. According to officials at Attari bounds, Md Safiq (45) was arrested at Budha community of Srinagar in 1995. During interrogative, it was plant that he had trespassed into Indian territory finished Bandhipura facet of Jammu and Cashmere in 1994 and remained unobserved for one twelvemonth. Safiq was arrested for allegedly state a member of Pakistan-based brat meet getup Harkut-ul-Ansar. After his hitch, he was lodged in Jodhpur slammer of Rajasthan where he had spent 15 years.

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