Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Matt Damon

Indecent performer Matt Damon insists his next outing in the "End" state business is at smallest "five period gone" because film bosses poverty the upcoming 4th shoot to be a prequel without him. The thriller playoff was thrown into danger lowest period when its director Saul Greengrass announced he leave no thirster be embroiled with the pictures but Damon afterwards inveterate his dedication to the business, reports The player has now inveterate it leave be a stretch clip before he is confirm on the big display as rubbery guy Jason Bourne, because there will be a prequel featuring a new playwright freshman. "There'll likely be a prequel of whatsoever variety with another actor and added administrator before we do another one. We're belike fin age away from another one. We've got to get a book," he said.

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