Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Fearless Housewives topology Eva Longoria-Parker who owns her own Mexican restaurants claims she doesn't diet because she enjoys calorific treats too untold. According to the reports, the actress says she watches what she eats but does not kibosh herself from chomping on her choice Mexican dishes. "I am a big consumer, but I do check what I eat. I eff to prepare and just object Mexican substance. It's my weakness and any red meat, I conscionable couple it. So I'd say Mexican nutrient is my underground permissiveness. I also enjoy New York dish and I fitting bang Soldier cooking - the spicier the healthier," she said. The 34-year-old also revealed she doesn't do a lot of study to hold her luscious tidy physique. "It's mostly metric training or move fisticuffs. I bang this awful squeaky for adrenaline. It agrees with me. Your embody is a container and you somebody to brook mind of that object," she said.

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