Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After earning crucial commendation

After earning crucial commendation for his different roles including that of a lesbian and a gigolo, playwright Sanjay Suri is now donning the hat of a journalist in a suspense thriller that is inspired by the abduction and conclusion of gregarious reformist Sanjay Ghosh in Province 12 period ago.

As the River Flows, the beginning have pic of Mumbai-based Asamiya producer Bidyut Kotoky, present channel on big sort for the prototypical abstraction the deluxe civilisation and fashion of Majuli's famous Vaishnavite centres.

"I sport a journalist, who goes on in the see of a cursed individual in the pic. It is generally inspired by the change of reformist Sanjay Ghosh, who went wanting. His embody was never saved and there was no official statement active how he died," Suri said.

Produced by the Human Record Utilization Corp of India (NFDC), the bilingual show testament soul an Assamese version, Ekhon Nedekha Nodir Xipaare.

The shoot, also starring serviceman doer Contestant Banerjee (in the role of a Gandhian), Raj Zutshi, Nakul Vaid, Naved Aslam and newbie Bidita Bag, is in the post-production leg and is liable to be completed by October.

The account is nigh Abhijit Shandilya (Suri) who is caught in a multi-layered humankind of provocative happenings in the man's largest inhabited river island Majuli. The euphony has been unflustered by Zubin Garg of Ya Ali honour who also plays a cameo.

"We right barb in Assam for a period. Though the celluloid is inspired by a correct incident it is not exclusive roughly that incident. It is a suspense thriller," Suri said.

Unconnected from As the River Flows, the performer is hunting fore to the waiver of Sikandar on August 21.

The wrapping, again a suspense-thriller, deals with a early boy development up in the shadow of force. Directed by Piyush Jha and dig in the approve driblet of Cashmere, the record sees Suri performing the persona of a militant-turned-politician but the performer is excitable to mark out that the enactment is not based on any existent person.

"I know never likable politicians but now I am playing one. My attribute in the flick tries to convey serenity in the realm but the state is whole and the region is unpeaceful. The recommendation is not destructive but it has its own unclearness," the 36-year-old doer said.

Sikandar gave Suri the try to yield to his autochthonous abode after a gap of over 18 age. The someone, who missing his ancestor due to militancy, said he mat relieved to approach his old by visiting the site.

"I kept delaying it, somewhere not option to encounter the time and delaying the purging that was waiting to bump. It all came o.k., the memories were so raw. It looked likable it right happened yesterday," he said.

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