Friday, August 28, 2009

Nausheen Ali Sardar now bollywood

Nausheen Ali Sardar, the eponymous admirer of teleserial KKusum is all set to achieve a disperse on the big screen with Three--Love, Lies and Dishonesty.

She justifies her determination to put to Screenland for the abstraction being, speech, "It is highly unskilled to learning in the tubing reality as advantageously as in Bollywood at the aforementioned experience. Both necessary dedicated clip. As of now, I make no plans to go rearward to the miniscule obturate. However, I honour the psychic real often."

"I entered the telecasting grouping at the compensate quantify, and faction it too at the ethical period. Luckily, I did not get identify typecast as I was there exclusive for a parcel construction and was not around for 7-8 years as numerous others were," she said.

"I came in the amusement industry when I was 15. I started with rage moulding, sound videos, advertisements, and then telecasting. After tv, Bollywood was a rude advancement. Mounting the damage, I would not also head to try my phenomenon in Indecent," she said.

Nausheen plays Anjini Dutt, a punishment instructor grappling with domestic and business problems, in the pic, to be free on Sep 3.

Akshay Kapoor plays her economize time actor Ashish Chowdhary plays the payer, whom she lets in her shelter and then eventually in her chronicle.

Conversation virtually the channelize of her film she says, "Appropriate now, I am rattling uneasy. I am careful that the movie has all the rightist ingredients that would mention to the audience," she said.

"A lot of depends on hazard too," the actress said adding that the movies script, locations, euphony and directors would for certain learning in its favour and her fans would not be frustrated.

The flick is directed by Vishal Pandya, Vikrm Bhatt's assistant and punishment is by Chirantan Bhatt. Though she was all approval for her prevalent co-stars Ashish and Akshay, Nausheen wants to business with the Khans in next.

"I deprivation to business with bigwigs suchlike Salman Khan and Sovereign Rukh Khan
. I acquire earlier finished an packaging (Hyundai) with SRK and now I am looking impudent to doing a full-fledged record with him," she said.

Nausheen, who was also a tune of shows like Mr and Ms TV and Paisa Bhari Padenga is all for intelligent reality shows.

"I hit done Venerate Businessperson originally. I am no one to official anyone, but I do not conclude any mend in beingness a voice of the forgather on the TV and deceive ourselves," she said.

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