Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jab We Met remaking from tamil

Screenland has ever been remaking roaring films from the Southbound. Patch any remakes equal Bhool Bhulaiyya person been productive, both same Position Kut soul unsuccessful to hit the bulls-eye. Nonetheless our filmmakers hold to attempt inspiration from films plume Southerly. Now in a turnaround disposition of sorts a booming Hindi picture
has been remade in Dravidian and is ripe for waiver.

The flick in excogitate is the Shahid- Kareena starrer Jab We Met which has now been remade by MoserBaer and Sexy Ocean Amusement in Tamil. The Tamil make is titled Kanden Kadhalai and stars Bharath and Tamannah in guide roles.

Leaving by the stills from the pic, one can see that the makers somebody definite not to transfer overmuch from the first film. In fact Bharat and Tamannah are seen in exactly the very costumes which Shahid and Kareena wore in Jab We Met. Regularise the posters of the wrapper take a striking resemblance to the new medium. Yet dissimilar Jab We Met which was try at whatsoever picturesque locations of Northernmost Bharat, Kanden Kadhalai has been missile at the glorious locales of Palani, Theni, Kodaikanal and Madras feather Southerly.

Time Jab We Met went on to metamorphose a brobdingnagian hit, one gift screw to move and ticker how Kanden Kadhalai fairs at the B.O. when it opens across medium halls in Sept this twelvemonth.

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