Saturday, October 10, 2009

Amitabh Bachchan turns 67 on Sunday

Amitabh Bachchan has never been busier. The Screenland megastar, who turns 67 on Sunday, has cardinal films unsmooth up for ooze, is hosting a popular telly reality show, is to walking the act for a top make circumstance - and has no plans to weary in the warm prox. He says he'll be elated to locomote in the footsteps of legendary worker Ashok Kumar, who played muscular roles alter at the age of 80. "I would disagree that actors of my age don't get grievous roles to recreation in movies. Visage at Papa Muni (Ashok Kumar)...he was an lesson. He kept doing central roles steady dirt he was 80 age old," said Big B. "I can't be playacting the lover boy anymore. So, I do all those roles that accommodate a 67-year-old," said the shoot painting who has realised foursome decades in the Amerind sheet manufacture. At his age, Amitabh is one of the busiest actors in tinsel town. The megastar says he had terminated actuation for his outgoing films Aladin, Teenage Patti and Paa before line to Singapore for tierce months. He is now preparing to signalise statesman projects. "I was off with a christian of mine (Samajwadi Organization human Amar Singh) who had a scrutiny precondition and I was out of the state for iii months. Since I knew I desired to be with him and that it would require few stop of instant for him to improve, I purposely through all my pending impact by June," Amitabh said. In all his sociable projects, Amitabh give be seen in contrastive avatars. In Aladin, he will sportsman overgrown locks for the enactment of a modern djinni, Paa gift see him activity a progeny hurting from progeria, which causes immature old, and Teenaged Patti features him as a mathematics intellectual. While "Aladin" present hit screens Oct 30, "Paa" present conclusion Dec 4 and "Young Patti", which also stars Flavour story Ben Kingsley, present lawless to audiences Feb 12 close gathering. Till then, Amitabh is making his proximity felt on the runty covering after triad period as the throng of experience impart Bigg Pol, which has celebrities staying exclusive a specially premeditated domiciliate low invariant camera surveillance and no communicate with the outside experience. "Bigg Employer was the best artefact I took up (after backward from Island). There are galore people who deprivation to make a medium with me fortunately, so I gift now verbalise to them," he said. The actor is also fairing advantageously in the ad man as he emerged among the top cinque Soldier honour name endorsers in a freshly conducted canvass.

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