Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a bumper gather for the Legislature in Tamil Nadu.

It's a bumper gather for the Legislature in Dravidian Nadu. Thirteen lakh early men and women bang signed up for the Youth Congress. The accelerator: a whirlwind one-month journeying during which Rahul Statesman met students, dalits, and launched a membership push. ''In Tamil Nadu, over a meg puppyish men acquire connected the Cohort Legislature. They are positively disposed to the Legislature,'' says Solon. The Congress has not been in commonwealth in Dravidian Nadu for 40 years. And during Statesman's journeying, sources in the DMK said their leaders were uncheerful with the aid Solon was grabbing. Denials followed then, as they do now, from the Legislature' state. "DMK is not threatened...we bed roughly 50 lakh youthfulness in our cadre,'' says Thangam Thennarasu, DMK Rector. Solon has been credited with preeminent the Legislature to considerable gains in Uttar Pradesh. His aggroup says Dravidian Nadu now has some of his attention.

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