Saturday, October 10, 2009

Noida Constabulary served Shiney a react guiding him

Dramatist Shiney Ahuja, who shifted to his parents' refuge after securing recognisance from the Bombay Shrilling Hotel in a assault covering, has been asked to inform to a Delhi police facility as directed by the tribunal. According to personnel, Ahuja scarred his attending at Facet 20 police facility in Noida lately and gave a copy of the bail organisation. Thence, Noida Constabulary served Shiney a react guiding him to characterize his attendance at a Delhi personnel place as per judicature directive after it saved that Shiney had told solicit that his parents active in City and he leave be staying with them after recognisance. The Broad Move spell granting recognizance to Ahuja had set the statement that he leave outride in Delhi treasury the affliction commenced to secure that there was no tampering of inform. The courtyard directed the 36-year-old thespian to celebrate attending at the near personnel station in Delhi. The Screenland topology was arrested on June 15 after his girl lodged a disorder with Mumbai personnel that the critic had raped her at his residence. The partner and somebody of the human were not at interior when the questionable incident occurred.

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