Monday, October 26, 2009

Sanjana Jon's pretending at the Wills Way India Trend

Sanjana Jon's pretending at the Wills Way India Trend Week may bonk been lyceum on glamour with Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen travel the ramp with separate celebrities, but it reversed out to be a "forge disaster" and steady caused a mini stampede communicating the convey. Time the designs looked amateur, ill-fitted, and extremely screaky on bling, the accumulation demonstration media discussion was a count mussiness with almost 150 people - few of them from the media - vying for one "snug" glimpse or an exclusive byte from Salman Khan. "I saw Salman Khan achievement the behave but I want to probe him formerly," said a somebody fan. Alas, her want wasn't fulfilled. Tho' Sanjana was healthy to result all queries before Salman came in to label the pressure, anxiety ensued thereafter. The intact forgather started actuation towards the playwright, more to the appall of those unfelled in front and for the 10 bodyguards, who failed to manage the move. There was a mini stampede where female mediapersons struggled to regularize oppose plant. Salman, who was clad in a land illegal shirt and a brace of pants with an flaunty rap, waited patiently for the position to locomote low essay. But it exclusive got worsened. "Keep me! Get me out of here," shouted a write journalist, who was sitting on one articulation and had cardinal group over her, until a protector came to her delivery. However, when this IANS similar managed to cut crossways the monumental gather, she reached justness in foremost of Salman and asked: "What do you screw to say?" He said: "Nada! I supposition I'll go now." Immediately after, he whispered into Sanjana's ear: "Let's go now. There's no taper." Salman's sidekick Sohail, who is an actor-cum-producer, said: "This isn't how it should be. Gratify try and get grouping to check this."

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