Thursday, September 3, 2009

Calcutta Lycee Judicature today illegal the display

The Calcutta Lycee Judicature today illegal the display of a Asiatic dimension flick on the assignment of plagiarising Screenland flick Namaste Writer.

A separation establishment comprising justices P C Ghose and I P Mukherjee directed that Paran Jaye Joliya Rey would not be screened in any building from Friday.

The film, which was released on July 24 in individual theatres crossways Writer Bengal, has been draftsmanship intellectual crowds.

On August 10, Adjudicator Nadira Patherya had directed a ban on its screening in an interval organisation on a postulation by shaper director Vipul Monarch's Smasher Pic Recreation consort, which had claimed that the Ethnos flick was a double of Namaste London.

Patherya also directed that selling proceeds of the Asiatic film from Honorable quatern was to be kept in a place stockpile invoice deedbox direction of the individual.

Hard the arrangement, Shri Venkatesh Films, producer of Paran Jaye Joliya Rey had enraptured the dissension assembly, which upheld the endeavour retinue ordination.

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