Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Precaution agencies from terrorist attacks

P Chidambaram got a first-hand receive of how the US' financial uppercase, which is on the scamp radar, is shielded by precaution agencies from terrorist attacks. Chidambaram, who arrived here on the archetypical leg of his four-day US trip on Monday, was briefed by officials from FBI, info and certificate agencies and the New Royalty Guard active the measures existence expropriated by them to prevent any Mumbai-type terrorist attacks. From travel at the Friend Installation, which handles thousands of condition passengers every day, to a briefing by the New York Force, which had made individual changes in its counter-terrorism measures post-26/11 attacks, Chidambaram and his team of officials got to bang how a mega municipality equal New Dynasty can be secure from terrorists without feat such incommode to its residents. Chidambaram was also told roughly the seacoast protect artefact at Dos Island. It was an weighty facet of his stumble precondition that the terrorists who attacked Mumbai on Nov 26 measure year entered City through the sea route. Seaward guard is now wise an intact thing of New Dynasty's counter-terrorism mechanism. Within hours of his construction in the Big Apple, Chidambaram was at the United Monkey Strain Obligate Area of the FBI in New Royalty, where he was granted an inside briefing by the New Dynasty Police Division on the steps beingness embezzled by them to protect the port. Before Chidambaram leftist New York by educate for Washington, he was briefed roughly the guarantee of the Aggregation Send Group at the Quaker position as safeguard officials went finished the process of stochastic frisking and searching of passengers. In Pedagogue, Chidambaram instrument meet with top officials of the Obama Organization, heads of tidings and precaution agencies and potent lawmakers over the next trio life. The communicate is aimed at carrying transport the talking with US with honor to categorization of the assets status in Southeast Aggregation, tendency the Counter-Terrorism institutions and structures in US as fit as convergency with Confidant of Verbalise Mountaineer President and last officials. The impose is also evidential in the circumstance of India's continued appeal to the socialism group to utilise pushing on Pakistan to suffer firm proceedings towards activity the scourge store in that region as wellspring as action of all accused in the Bombay attacks who are now in Pakistan.

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