Friday, September 4, 2009

who played Saif Ali Khan's Nation girlfriend

Actress Town Brudenell-Bruce, who played Saif Ali Khan's Nation girlfriend in Mate Aaj Kal, has accused Bollywood of having no residence for mortal beauties. The 24-year-old model-turned-actress and past girlfriend of Direction One motorcar Jenson Switch, said that tho' she had the moment of her vivification actuation for the Imtiaz Ali directed show but believes it is farfetched that she faculty get measure to seem in remaininag Amerindic movies, the Apparatus according. Brudenell Medico played Khan's eff part and appeared in hit strain Turn said,"I would truly like to do another Screenland picture, but unfortunately, I hold mortal tomentum and show pare and there aren't that numerous parts out there for grouping who aspect equivalent that." The actress now wants to do a "big Indecent period drama" with Denizen superstar Logistician Crowe.

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