Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liz Hurley managed to outshine her at a shared human's

She may be nearly 10 geezerhood senior than supermodel Kate Moss but actress Liz Hurley managed to outshine her at a shared human's observance this weekend. According to reports, with a hardihood low-cut shameful sequined evening prettify, the 44-year-old put Moss, 35, in the spook. The supermodel who had smothered up in a greenness inundated size habilitate looked frumpish in advance of Hurley, who came with Soldier economize Arun Nayar. The distich were present the glitzy elite party of Ben Caring and his bride Elle Perfect in direction Writer. Ben, the son of Richard Fond, who is the someone of The Ivy building and one of Kingdom's richest men - and Elle, 30, held their acquiring at the Fond phratry habitation, dubbed the Palace of Hampstead. And tho' the ritual was originally billed as a 'restrained function for ancestry and close friends' the eventual guest tip was filled with famous faces. Attendees included actor and director Kevin Spacey, creator Tracey Emin, building critic Archangel Somebody, chat-show computer Michael Surgeon and comic David Walliams.

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