Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Megan Fox may not tally often play talent

Transformers example Megan Fox may not tally often play talent, but the mantrap got the adventure to fulfil with unreal stripe U2, who let her movability the tambourine. The 23-year-old Flavor beauty who has twice been voted the 'Sexiest Nipponese Animate' was hosting the hot TV pretense Sabbatum Period Living when she was invited to action with them, according Us magazine online. The Vertigo hitmakers were intoxicated to be intercourse the platform with Fox, with conduce vocalizer Bono recounting the interview. "SNL is gonna be nifty this week. Megan Fox leave be on the tambourine and thats a upright feeling," said Bono. The individual model, who is oftentimes compared to superstar Angelina Jolie, played up on her sex symbolization status time playacting multitude, showed some postiche naked pictures of herself, including one brought in by a 'fan' in which she had the body of a sawbuck. "Many of you may bang me from the Transformers movies and whatever of you may know me from video - but most of you likely copulate me from open pictures on the Cyberspace," the actress said.

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