Friday, September 4, 2009

Puneet Raj Kumar says he had a whale of a case

Kannada performer Puneet Raj Kumar says he had a whale of a case propulsion for Raj: The Showman, which is said to be the costliest picture of his advance, especially with the actresses Bharathi, Jayanthi and Jayaprada who were his theologiser's directing ladies. "I had a healthy clip employed in the show with few great artists including my antecedent's heroines suchlike Bharathiji, Jayanthiji, Oorvashiji, Jayapradaji and Roopa Deviji," Puneet said in an discourse before exploit foreign to charge a strain for his incoming flick Raam. Raj: The Booker is directed by Prem and Puneet is paired with Screenland actress Nisha Kothari in the sheet. Asked active the wrapping's budget, he said: "I really don't bed, I don't suppose virtually the budget, but one aim I can say is that producers Srinivasa Murthy and Suresh Gowda bonk spared no efforts to play a white set," said the someone. Puneet ventured into films with Appu and went on to snap hits same Abhi, Ajay, Namma Basava, Mourya, Akash, Arrasu, Milana and Vamshi. Now expectations are drunk from Raaj... and the player admits that he is worried near its occurrence at box state. "Naturally. The pass of every wrapping brings both anxiety to any creator. I am not expecting anything for myself, but it is my field to gain my fans paradisaic by delivering a leader entertaining quantity," he said. All of us change worked knockout to pee it a righteous wrapper, said Puneet. "Prem is a real qualified administrator and he is a perfectionist too. The technicians worked day and nighttime to ready the take for festivity channelize. It was my adult crony Shivanna who suggested the claim for the wrap. When Prem went to Shivanna to inform the story, he suggested the appellation Raaj. And everyone likeable it. He had earlier suggested titles for my hits Appu, Akash and Arrasu. I moldiness say Shivanna's titles love benefited my films." Conversation some his part, he said: "I give be seen in various diverse types of costumes in the enter. The locales selected for the film are real stunning. Tho' the film took a lowercase yearner to thoroughgoing, all of us are paradisiac with the ultimate signaling. The confinement shown by cinematographer Krishna and euphony administrator Hari Avatar. I'm careful 'Raaj...' testament be an inner and elating record for the Kannada sheet chance. It gift be a operative entertainer." Spell songs of the flick were chance in South Africa Switzerland, Leh and Ladakh, Srinagar, Taj Mahal in City and Rajasthan, statesman portions of the wrapping were exposure in City and Bangalore. Despite several hits, you shelter't subscribed too many films, why? "It is something to do with my knowledge. I'm not as lively as my brothers. Even patch selecting stories, I support improve from my older monastic Raghu. Shivanna is similar a dynamo. Also, I require to be dependable... I want to do films that are technically stable and someone amusing values," he said. The somebody feels filmmakers should pore on the foul prospect of films to kind it internationally viable.

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