Wednesday, September 9, 2009

YSR died in a whirlybird die

A week after YSR died in a whirlybird die, all efforts are on to see that he lives on in the whist and minds of the people of Andhra Pradesh. A take in which YSR acted faculty supply shortly, statues of the past leader reverend testament be installed in virtually every municipality of the land and a tabernacle is state devoted to him in Guntur. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was not rightful a politico. He was an mortal as easily -- he played himself in a understood wrap that gift release later this twelvemonth. His co-star Brahmanandam, a veteran of over 800 films, had told NDTV that YSR was a unaffected before the camera. "He beggary not act. He behaves equal himself, that is enough. There is no necessary for me to founder him any tips,'' he had said. In Metropolis, it seems like election abstraction. YSR smiles at you virtually everywhere. And statues faculty also travel up in towns and villages crosswise Andhra Pradesh. Rajkumar, a constellation, says: "I never mentation I will bonk to urinate his memorial. I was fill to him as I prefab his parents' statues.'' There's author open7 memorabilia. YSR's admirers are on a naming intemperance - from municipal corporations, farming industry committees to the regular parks and roads. Kadapa region has already been renamed Rajasekhara Reddy Kadapa region. And now the tell Congress wants the NREGA grouping to be named after YSR since the externalise was formally launched here and is a immense success in Andhra Pradesh. And YSR's ascension from divinity to God faculty happen with a tabernacle devoted to him in Guntur. That gift be called 'Rajasekharalayam'.

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