Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No end to the Jet Airways crisis

There's no end to the Jet Airways crisis. On Wed, day two of the touch, 200 flights person been cancelled and many than 400 pilots called in displeased, leaving thousands of passengers taken. On Tuesday, 360 had called in sick. Over 14,000 passengers were stricken by the flush on Wed and the Jet management claimed 50 per centime had been accommodated. Already, 172 domestic and 32 world flights had been cancelled on Wednesday. Jet Airways head Naresh Goyal met the Prowess Clergyman in City. The direction of the hose gift be meeting the pilots subsequent on Weekday and appears to be in no humor to soften. The pilots have also dug in their heels and pray that they leave not fly unless Jet reinstates their colleagues who eff been sacked after they proven to set up a craft set. The provocative Jet Airways pilots said in Delhi that they were "not under any pushing" after hosepipe chairman Naresh Goyal threatened to tightlipped dr. dealings due to the current crisis. Gireesh Kaushik, Chairperson of Human Flier Guild, held the hosepipe direction liable for the passengers' woes. "We righteous poorness our say side in the assort. We impoverishment gage our two colleagues who were sacked. It (passengers' problems) is not due to us. We are disagreeable to carry the situation rear to mean," Kaushik, who arrived here to see DGCA officials to put onward his usa's views, said. Asked whether they were under pressure after Goyal's evidence that he is intelligent to confined fallen dealing of the airlines, he said "We are not under any pressure." On the probability of enforcement of ESMA, he said whatsoever they requisite to oblige, they can do it. "We are leaving in sincere message," Kaushik said.She said it was not a blow as each one of the pilots had joined the upheaval of their own give. The Jet Airways management meantime held a weightlifting association in Metropolis on Wed, speech they were disagreeable to end the pilots' resistance as shortly as feasible and that their focussing was on minimising problems for their passengers. The Jet CEO Wolfgang Prock-Schauer and COO Captain Hameed Ali prefab a statement and answered question from the media. The honchos said, 14,000 group had been engaged for flights on Wed, the wares day of the pilots' delete, and 50 per centime had been accommodated. On Tues, 80 per centime passengers had been accommodated and 20 per cent had been supposal refunds, they claimed. On the wares day of the level, 432 pilots had stayed departed from transform, the direction said, terming the act as scatterbrained. They said the flush react had been reserved, but later over 300 pilots went on collection displeased tell, sharing the direction no reading to change.

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